Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm a Tank Again

Lately I've mostly just kept around my Holy spec for the Dreamwalker fight; I don't think I've really healed anything in weeks.  With another solid holy pally around and a top-notch disc priest (not to mention two other pallies with Holy offspecs), there's really not the demand for more tank heals.  And since healing the Dreamwalker fight can be done just as well as Retribution with Holy gear, I decided it was time to dust off my tanking set and respec.  We've been trying to get a second ten-man going, so we'll need another quality tank for that.

My tank gear is unfortunately quite a bit dated, since I was last tank mainspec in the Ulduar days, and have only sparingly added offspec drops.  My health pool is rather pitiful compared to what an ICC tank should have nowadays, my hit rating is an abyssmal 1.8%, and even that is mostly due to socketing Vivid Eyes of Zul in my yellow slots.  What it has in spades, however, is Block Value.  At rest and unbuffed, it's sitting at just over 3100, and that's before the Libram and Trinket are factored in (though admittedly I'd swap in a Brewfest stamina trinket instead of the shield block one in a raid).  So I'm basically invulnerable in heroics, and even with the pisspoor hit rating, the DPS and threat is way up there.  It'll be a bit before it's ready for ICC though.  But with how little gear our main paladin tank still needs, it shouldn't be long before I can start eating boss crotch again.

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