Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On introductions...

So I had a conversation with myself this morning as I set up this blog.

"Zebb, you've blogged before, on both real world stuff and gaming.  Multiple times each.  Just go ahead and do it."
"Yeah Zebb, but know and I know that we both suck at making introductory posts.  How am I supposed to let any prospective reader know where I'm coming from?"
"Well look at your previous blogs, what sort of introductory post do you have there?"
"Well, nothing really, I sort of just dove right in to my first topic."
"And that won't work now?"
"Well how am I supposed to show my cred?  I mean, there's a million paladins out there facerolling their keyboards, and a fairly sizable quantity of them switched windows by mistake and started a blog."
"So what, you want to differentiate yourself from the masses?  How exactly do we plan to do that?"
"Well, I do it all: Ret, Prot, Holy, PVP, PVE, plus I've been a raid leader, a guild leader, and I like to think I have a fairly good perspective on how most every class in the game works, at least on some level."
"And how do you plan on establishing your cred on all that in a single post?  You in a top-100 guild?"
"No, but--"
"A 2000+ rated arena team?"
"Got the Kingslayer title?"
"Er well--"
"Twilight Vanquisher?"
"Hey, I could get that any time I--"
"Right.  That's what I thought.  Any e-peen drop you try to unload on the interwebs here will be dwarfed by the fact that half the blogs out there are working on their 25-man hardmodes."
"The hardcore guilds just don't fit my style though.  I'm skilled enough to do it, sure, but I like it a little more mellow.  We're in a very good casual-style progression guild, we're just rebuilding a little.  And making amazing 10-man progress while we do.  Nine bosses in three hours last night is great time, considering we had two regulars who couldn't make it, both healers to boot."
"So that still brings me back to my first question.  What makes us different, and how are we going to display it in a single post?"
"Or we could just jump right in."
"Right on in?"
"Okay, I'll give it a go."


  1. Welcome to the interwebs zebb! And thanks for the link love. Cant wait to see you start up and get writing.

    But if I may ask a favor? Get another commenting system. Zelmaru did a series (sorta) about this at (lord I hope I spelled that right).

    Us peoples from wordpress (or anything other than blogger, for that matter) have a really HARD time commenting.

  2. Thanks for the welcome :-)

    And I'll take a look at other commenting systems, was not aware there was an issue. I'll try to fix up something Wordpress friendly this week.